The Emergence of Compositional Languages for Numeric Concepts Through Iterated Learning in Neural Agents

Published in EmeCom@2019, 2019

Recommended citation: Not camera-ready yet. /files/nips-2019-workshop2.pdf

Since being introduced, computer simulation has been an increasingly important tool in evolutionary linguistics. Recently, with the development of deep learning techniques, research in grounded language learning has also started to focus on facilitating the emergence of compositional languages without pre-defined elementary linguistic knowledge. In this work, we explore the emergence of compositional languages for numeric concepts in multi-agent communication systems. We demonstrate that compositional language for encoding numeric concepts can emerge through iterated learning in populations of deep neural network agents. However, language properties greatly depend on the input representations given to agents. We found that compositional languages only emerge if they require less iterations to be fully learnt than other non-degenerate languages for agents on a given input representation.

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